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I’m a web designer based in Geelong, Australia that creates performance focused business websites and online stores.

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Performance focused websites that are optimised for Google, user experience and conversions.

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SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing campaigns to help scale your business.


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Don’t hire a web designer until you’ve read this.

According to data from 10 billion user visits of top online retailers, over 50% of your mobile visitors will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. AND for every 100ms delay, your conversion rate drops by almost 10%.

So, if your website is slow, you are losing business.

Unfortunately most WordPress websites are extremely slow.

Before I get into why, it’s worth mentioning that when it comes to performance, WordPress is light years ahead of other content management systems like Wix and Squarespace. It’s also what most agencies use to build their client websites. It’s what most websites are built with (43% of websites are built with WordPress). Even newsrooms from big names like Spotify and Microsoft are built using Wordpress. Don’t use it because other people are using it though. Use it because it’s open source, giving you full control over design, functionality and performance.

Ok, so here are four reasons why so many websites are slow.

Firstly, most websites are being built with heavy drag and drop page builders with a gazillion design options. This makes design easier, but the tradeoff is a heavy bloated websites that load unnecessary code. Heavy bloated websites are slow, which increase page load time and lower your conversions.

Secondly, many websites are being built with off-the-shelf WordPress themes and templates from marketplaces like Themeforest. Again, this can significantly speed up the design process. All you have to do is import the template’s demo content, replace the text and images with your own and you are done. Not much design is actually done, just a few clicks to import and upload. The website might look good on the frontend, but these themes are almost always poorly coded, bloated and error prone.

Thirdly, plugins are being used as quick fixes to add functionality. I often hear people in web design saying, ‘there is a plugin for that’. Plugins can be great, but so often, poorly coded plugins are chosen. In addition, they usually haven’t been updated in months, sometimes years, and people wonder why their website is slow, broken or has been hacked.

Lastly, most websites use poor hosting. From what I’ve seen auditing websites, poor hosting often plays the biggest role in making a website slow. Slow websites provide a bad user experience. Do yourself a favour and invest in better hosting.

Many website owners come to be because they need help speeding up their website. Sometimes it’s a quick fix but oftentimes it requires a full website rebuild using a performance focused technology stack.

So, when hiring a WordPress web designer, make sure they aren’t using cookie cutter template themes, heavy drag and drop page builders, outdated and unnecessary plugins or cheap hosting.

Got a question? Send me an email – hello@maxjacobs.com.au

Slow website? Request a FREE website speed audit.

Not sure which eCommerce platform to use? Check out this eCommerce guide.

Website Design Inclusions

High Performance

Website design that loads almost instantly. Business websites built using WordPress.

Mobile Friendly

Website design that works well across all devices.

Google Friendly

Website design that is optimised for Google with an SEO foundation.

Hosting Setup

Website design that uses high performance hosting with rock solid security.

eCommerce Setup

Website design for eCommerce websites and online stores.

Google My Business

I’ll help set up a Google business listing to get you in local search results.

Custom Email Setup

I’ll set up a custom email address through Google Workspace.

SMTP Setup

I’ll make sure your website sends notifications that don’t end up in spam.

View my website design packages.

Test your website speed using web.dev and Google Lighthouse

Page speed is now part of the Google ranking algorithm. So it makes sense to test your website using tools created by Google.

This website gets 100/100 for performance, accessibility, best practices & SEO.

How does yours compare?

~1s load times on mobile when using a slow 4G connection. šŸ’Ŗ

Test your website now using web.dev/measure.

Go ahead and test my competitor websites too. You’ll be surprised how slow they are!

Speed test using web.dev and Google Lighthouse - Max Jacobs
Speed test using GT Metrix - Max Jacobs

Test your website speed using GT Metrix

Another tool you can use is GT Metrix. This tool tests website speed using the same Google Lighthouse metrics. It also provides helpful charts that break down your page performance.

The desktop version of this website scores 100/100 for performance with a ~200ms load time when testing using a Sydney server, chrome browser and unthrottled connection.

How does yours compare?

Go to gtmetrix.com > set up a free account > run a test using a server closest to your target audience (e.g. choose a Sydney server if your target audience is in Australia).

This website feels pretty quick doesn’t it? šŸ˜‰

Max has been great to deal with, quick response time and extremely thorough and pragmatic approach. Will definitely use Max for future projects. Our site is now rated A+.

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Web Designer Geelong

Hi there! My name is Max Jacobs and Iā€™m a Web Designer, SEO and Marketing Consultant based out of Geelong, Australia.

I love being my own boss and living life on my own terms. I also love helping others do the same. Many people come to me because they are starting a business for the first time. If this is you, welcome! I’m excited to help turn your vision into a reality.

I also love the technical side of things (I was an Engineer before web design). So I love building performance focused websites. Everything from speed optimisation to search engine optimisation. If the service has ‘optimisation’ in it, I’m all about it. I also tend to work with marketing managers who need a technical guy in their team; someone who can optimise everything, consult and put together standard operating procedures.

View my portfolio to see if you like my style.

Browse my website services, read my blog and see if you think we are a good fit.

Web Designer Geelong

Website Design FAQ

What does performance focused web design mean?

Performance focused web design means prioritising speed and user experience when building a website. Web design is more than just what you can ‘see’ on a website. It includes the full stack of technologies and software behind the scenes. e.g. DNS provider, hosting, WordPress theme, plugins, etc. Using better providers, lightweight themes and well-coded plugins are key to performance focused design. Doing so gives your website a solid foundation that is faster, more secure and less prone to problems. And all of this is done BEFORE basic speed optimisation.

What’s included in web design?

My web design services include performance focused design, mobile friendly design, search engine optimised (SEO), website hosting setup, eCommerce integrations (if building an online store), Google My Business setup and custom email setup (if you haven’t done this already).

How much does web design cost?

My web design packages include 5 page business websites for $2000 and online stores for $3000.

Do you use WordPress?

Yes, for performance focused business websites, my first choice is WordPress. For performance focused online stores, the platform I recommend will depend on your unique requirements. But in an ideal scenario, I would use WordPress + WooCommerce. Read this article to see which eCommerce platform is best.