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Are you looking to improve the online presence of your business in Geelong? As an SEO specialist, I have the expertise to help your business grow and succeed in the digital marketing landscape.

With a tailored SEO campaign, I can improve the visibility of your website and drive qualified traffic to your site, ultimately helping you achieve your business goals, whether it’s generating leads, increasing sales, or improving brand awareness.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility on search engines like Google. It involves optimising various aspects of a website to enhance its ranking in search results for specific keywords, ultimately driving more organic traffic and potential customers/clients to the site.

I’m an SEO Specialist in Geelong

Hi there! I’m Max Jacobs, an SEO specialist who actually lives in Geelong. Most SEOs and agencies ranking on Google for ‘SEO Geelong’ aren’t actually from here, nor do they live here. 👎

Anyway, as a dedicated SEO professional, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that Geelong businesses face. With a comprehensive understanding of local SEO, I can optimise your online presence to attract customers and clients within the City of Greater Geelong, Surfcoast and surrounds.

By leveraging the right keywords and employing effective on-page and technical SEO strategies, I can help your business rank higher in search results and attract organic traffic to your website.

Geelong SEO Strategy

When it comes to developing an SEO strategy, it’s essential to understand the local market and competition. By conducting thorough keyword research and analysing the specific needs of your target audience, I can tailor a strategy that aligns with your business objectives and effectively positions your brand in front of potential customers or clients.

If you prefer to optimise your website yourself, read my guide about how to improve local SEO in Geelong. 👈

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the first step in developing an SEO strategy. This involves a comprehensive review of your website’s current SEO performance, including technical aspects such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, and crawlability, as well as on-page and off-page factors like keyword optimisation, backlink profile, and content quality.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial for understanding the specific search terms that are relevant to your target audience. By identifying high-potential keywords with local intent, I can help you optimise your website’s content to attract targeted traffic from the Geelong area. The same goes if your target audience is in any other suburb or area. e.g. Surfcoast, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, etc.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is another important component of an SEO strategy. By analysing your local competitors and their SEO tactics, I can identify opportunities and gaps in the market that your business can leverage to gain a competitive edge.

Content Creation

Content creation is an essential part of SEO for Geelong businesses. By producing high-quality, relevant, and locally optimised content, such as blog posts, landing pages, and location-specific pages, I can help improve your website’s visibility in local search results.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimising your website’s internal elements, such as meta tags, headings, and internal linking, to improve its relevance and visibility for Geelong-related search queries.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO focuses on building your website’s authority and relevance through strategies such as local business directory listings, social media profiles, guest posts and whitehat link building campaigns.

Ongoing Content

Ongoing content creation and optimisation is crucial for maintaining and improving your website’s SEO performance. By regularly updating and expanding your content, I can help ensure that your website remains relevant and competitive in local search results.

Reporting & Tracking

Reporting and tracking are essential for measuring the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. By monitoring key performance metrics, such as keyword rankings, impressions and clicks from Google, I can provide you with valuable insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.

By implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy that addresses the specific needs and challenges of your local market, I can help your business increase its online visibility, attract more relevant traffic, and ultimately grow its customer base in the Geelong area. 

My SEO Process

My SEO process is comprehensive and tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. From on-page optimisation to technical SEO and link building, I employ best practices to ensure that your website is visible to search engines.

1. SEO Audit

The first step is a thorough SEO audit. Audits can uncover critical issues that have been holding your site back for years.

Basic Audit = ~$240

2. SEO Foundation

This one-time service ensures your website has the best possible SEO foundation. Make sure you aren’t wasting your online efforts. All findings from my SEO audit will be actioned. Key areas include: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Local SEO.

Quote Required

3. Ongoing SEO

In order to continually improve rankings on Google and drive more organic traffic, you need to update old content and create new, valuable, shareable and optimised content on a consistent basis. e.g. blog articles.

Quote required

Why Choose an SEO Specialist over an SEO Agency in Geelong?

Let me share why choosing an SEO specialist like me, operating as a freelancer, offers distinct advantages compared to an SEO agency.

1. Personalised Attention:

When you work with me, you can expect a more personalised approach. Your project won’t get lost in a sea of clients, allowing me to provide tailored strategies based on your unique needs and goals.

2. Direct Communication:

Communication is direct and streamlined. You’ll have direct access to me, ensuring that your ideas, questions, and updates are addressed promptly.

3. Cost-Effectiveness:

I operate with lower overhead costs, translating into more cost-effective solutions for your SEO needs. You’re paying for my expertise without the additional expenses associated with an SEO agency.

4. Agility and Flexibility:

As a one-person operation, I can be more agile and flexible in adapting to changes in your business or industry, making quick decisions and implementations.

5. I’m from Geelong:

If you Google ‘SEO Geelong’, most results are from SEO companies based outside of Geelong, many of which aren’t even in Victoria. So, in addition to supporting a local business, we could easily meet up in person.

6. Results-Driven Focus:

My success is directly tied to the results I achieve for clients. This commitment ensures a focused effort to deliver measurable outcomes for your business.

7. Transparent Processes:

With me, processes are more transparent. You’ll gain a clearer understanding of the strategies being implemented, progress made, and results achieved, fostering trust and collaboration.

8. Consistent Point of Contact:

Dealing with the same person throughout your SEO journey ensures a consistent and cohesive strategy, building a long-term partnership focused on sustainable growth. This isn’t something you usually get with SEO companies in Geelong.

Choosing me as your SEO specialist instead of an SEO agency offers an intimate, focused, and cost-effective approach to enhancing your online presence. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss how I can specifically tailor my services to your business, please feel free to reach out.

Get Found Online in Geelong!

Current SEO Projects

Having worked with various businesses in Geelong and beyond, I have successfully improved the online visibility and performance of numerous websites. My SEO services have consistently delivered tangible results, improving search engine rankings and increasing organic traffic for a wide range of clients.

Below you’ll find some examples and results of recent SEO projects for local businesses.

The Pink Carnation Florist

SEO improvement from position ~#25 to #2 for ‘Florist Geelong’. 

SEO Project - The Pink Carnation
#2 rank for ‘Florist Geelong’

Steve’s Removals Geelong

SEO improvement from position ~#25 to #3 for ‘Removalists Geelong’

SEO Project - Steve's Removals Geelong
#3 rank for ‘Removalist Geelong’

Wayne Barry’s Tree Services

Ranked #1 for ‘Tree Removal Geelong’

#1 Ranking on Google - Wayne Barry's Tree Services
#1 rank for ‘Tree Removal Geelong’

Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Ranked #1 for ‘Funeral Director Geelong’

SEO Project - Jonathan Hepner Funerals
#1 rank for ‘Funeral Director Geelong’

Husky Gifts

I built this website and blog up to ~23,000 visitors per month, according to Google Analytics. See the Google Search Console screenshot below showing clicks from Google reaching a peak of 891 clicks per day.

Note that this is not a local business. This is a blog about the Siberian Husky dog breed that primarily targets the United States. However, secondary target audiences include Canada, UK, and Australia. This SEO project is a good example of a national/global SEO campaign, as opposed to the local SEO campaigns above.

SEO Project - Husky Gifts
Google Search Console stats for Husky Gifts.

Start with an SEO audit

If you want to see results from optimising your website for search engines like Google, you need an in-depth audit. An audit will shed light on any critical issues that could have been holding you back this entire time.

Following the audit, any issues found need to be fixed. From here your website needs a solid SEO foundation that covers all SEO principles.

Key areas will include:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

*My websites packages include SEO foundation work.

**My website maintenance ‘Performance Plan’ includes ongoing SEO.

Not only did he boost our SEO, but he also sat down with us and educated us on how we could increase our business visibility.

Stephanie from
One: Eleven Makeup

SEO Quote

SEO Quote


How can SEO benefit my business?

By employing SEO services, your business can attract qualified traffic to your site, generate paying customers, and ultimately grow your business. It can also increase your online presence in the local Geelong market, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

What are the key factors for successful SEO results in Geelong?

Successful SEO results depend on various factors such as an effective SEO strategy, backlinks, and well-optimised content, ensuring that your website adheres to the best SEO practices and meets the requirements of search engine algorithms.

How can an SEO Specialist help my business attract paying customers?

An SEO Specialist can help your business attract paying customers by optimising your website to rank higher on search engine results for relevant keywords, leading to increased visibility and traffic. This can result in more enquiries and conversions for your business.

What are the costs associated with SEO services for Geelong businesses?

The cost of SEO services for Geelong businesses can vary based on the scope of services, the competitiveness of the industry, and the specific needs of your business. It’s recommended to discuss the cost of SEO services during our initial consultation. My audits start from just $120 for a basic 1-hour audit.

How can SEO success help in growing my business in Geelong?

SEO success can contribute to the growth of your business by increasing your online visibility, attracting more qualified traffic to your site, and ultimately converting visitors into paying customers. This can lead to business expansion and improved market presence.

What are the advantages of conducting a thorough SEO audit for my business?

A thorough SEO audit can identify areas for improvement in your website’s SEO performance, technical issues, and opportunities for optimisation. This can help in creating a customised SEO strategy to enhance your online presence and drive more organic traffic to your site.

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