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How To Create A Website Using WordPress

How to create a website using WordPress
How to create a website using WordPress

Would you like to know how to create a website using WordPress?

It’s similar to creating an online store using WooCommerce, just simpler.

Here are the basic steps to creating a website using WordPress.

  1. Purchase website hosting

    Before you can create a website using WordPress, you need to purchase website hosting. Your hosting is where your files live and is responsible for showing your website online. I recommend using Cloudways. Make sure you pick a server closest to your location. e.g. if you are in Australia, I recommend choosing a VULTR High Frequency server in Sydney (this is what I use). Use the code WEB20S for a 20% discount.Create an online store using WooCommerce and Cloudways

  2. Install WordPress

    By default, Cloudways installs WordPress when you create a new server. So there is no need to manually install WordPress. To view your new WordPress website, just click on the ‘Application URL’. You can also log in using the admin panel details. If you want to create another WordPress website on your server, click on Applications > Add Application > Select the first option underneath WordPress > then finally Add Application. This will create your website using WordPress.Default Cloudways WordPress Installation

  3. Swap your default WordPress theme for something better

    Before you start designing your website, I recommend upgrading the default WordPress theme. The image below shows the default free WordPress theme installed for your new website. I recommend using a performance focused WordPress theme like Generate Press (this is what I use) or Astra. Both have free versions and both have starter layouts you can use.Blank WordPress installation using Cloudways

The above steps are the essentials of creating a website using WordPress. To improve the look and feel of your new WordPress website, I recommend installing one of the aforementioned themes and importing a demo website to get started. This will set up the structure of your website, ready for you to drop in your own content.

Example WordPress website with demo content
Example WordPress website with demo content

As mentioned above, I recommend using Cloudways to host your website.

If you sign up to Cloudways, use the code WEB20S to get a 20% discount. Note: the above link is an affiliate link for Cloudways, which means I’ll get a small commission if you sign up.

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