Link Building Strategy & Tactics That Aren’t Risky AF

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You only need one Link Building Strategy. Doing so streamlines all of your content creation and makes your Link Building Tactics easier to execute.
Link Building Strategy

How would you like to learn just one link building strategy that streamlines all of your content creation and online efforts?

If you run a business, you’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the importance of a link building strategy and link building tactics to improve your search visibility.

Unfortunately there are 100’s of ways to build links, not all of which align with the Google Guidelines. People talk about tactics, strategies, white hat, black hat and a whole range of SEO jargon that gets confusing very quickly!

So in this article, I’m going to simplify everything. I’ll teach you the best link building strategy and share a link building tactic that isn’t risky AF.

Link building is the practice of increasing the number of websites linking to yours.

More technically, it’s increasing the number of hyperlinks (aka backlinks) that take people from one location to another. i.e. from one website to another or from one webpage to another.

Hi [insert name],

Your article about [insert article link] was really interesting!

I especially liked how you [insert something specific to their article].

While I was reading it I noticed you linked to another site talking about [insert topic].

So I thought I’d reach out and let you know that I recently wrote a detailed guide to [insert link to your improved article].

Do you think this might be of interest to your audience?

I believe it could be a nice addition to your page and something that could really benefit your audience.

Would love to know your thoughts…

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Talk soon,

SEMrush - Backlink Software

2. Type your topic or keyword phrase into Google to see the top result.

Link Building Strategy - Google Search

3. Copy paste the top Google result’s URL into SEMrush.

SEMrush - Backlinks Analytics

4. Go to the ‘Backlinks’ tab and view ‘Referring Domains’. These are all of the websites currently linking to the article.

SEMrush - Referring Domains

5. Export CSV list of all referring domains. This is now your list of websites to contact using the aforementioned script. can literally save you 1000’s of hours. Instead of manually visiting the websites from your SEMrush CSV list and writing down their contact details, you can upload your list to Hunter’s Bulk Email Finder, which automatically finds email addresses associated to each website. Pretty cool aye!?

1. Start using for free. - Bulk Email Finder

2. Use the Bulk Email finder. Click ‘New Bulk’ and upload your CSV file list. outputs a list of email addresses for you to contact 🙂 - Email Finder

Active Campaign

Once you’ve got your list of emails, you’re finally ready to do email outreach. For those who prefer to automate their email outreach and don’t mind giving up some degree of personalisation, I recommend using ActiveCampaign.

I recommend using this tool for all of your email marketing efforts (not just email outreach for link building).

a. Sign up to ActiveCampaign.
b. Create a ‘List’ and import your CSV list of email addresses.
c. ‘Create a Campaign’
d. Make sure to include a couple follow-up emails.


Final Thoughts

Increasing the number of websites linking to yours is something that will happen organically if you focus on creating and sharing content that is valuable to your target audience.

The best link building strategy is simply creating valuable content.

There are 100’s of link building tactics you can potentially use but the tried and true tactic is email outreach.

I hope this article simplified this topic for you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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