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WordPress Speed Optimisation Service

According to data from 10 billion user visits of top online retailers, over 50% of your mobile visitors will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And for every 100ms delay, your conversion rate drops by almost 10%! If your website is slow, you are losing sales.

Speed Audit

Speed Optimisation

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WordPress Speed Optimisation Process

1. Speed Audit

Basic Audit = $120

Full Audit = $490

2. Clone Test

As part of my full audits (not included for basic audits), I like to create a clone test where I put a copy of your website on a high-performance server.

Firstly, this allows me to compare your current hosting provider to one of my recommended hosts. Secondly, it allows me to make basic speed optimisations to see how fast your website can be before making changes to the live site.

3. Speed Optimisation

Following my audit and clone test, I’ll implement my findings to make your site lightning-fast. The cost to optimise usually ranges from ~$400 to $1000+ depending on what I find during my audit.

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Faster Websites = More Sales

WordPress Problems

Common frustrations include:

Slow website

Poor user experience

Missed opportunities and sales

Is your website speed holding you back? I can help.

Prefer to DIY? Read the below guides:

Max has been great to deal with, quick response time and extremely thorough and pragmatic approach. Will definitely use Max for future projects. Our site is now rated A+.

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