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About Me

Hey there! I’m Max Jacobs, a Geelong web designer, and SEO Specialist, and I’m all about making your web dreams a reality. Based in the laid-back city of Geelong, Australia, I’m your go-to guy for everything web-related. Let me give you the lowdown on who I am and what I do in the world of websites.

From Blueprints to Web Designs

Believe it or not, my journey started with a background in civil engineering – Yep, I used to deal with blueprints and hard hats. But life had other plans. After a couple of years in construction, I decided to trade my hard hat for a virtual toolbox. A bit of globetrotting opened my eyes to the magic of web design, and I was hooked.

Your Website’s New Best Friend: Me!

I might be a one-man business, but I’ve got a knack for creating websites that pack a punch. I’m all about giving your digital space a serious upgrade. My goal? A website that not only looks amazing but also loads faster than you can say “click.” I believe in websites that make your visitors feel like they’re cruising in the fast lane.

Need-for-Speed Obsession: Let’s Talk WordPress

Do you know what gets my gears turning? WordPress speed optimization. I’m a bit obsessed with turning WordPress sites into speed demons. It’s like a puzzle I can’t resist – your site zipping around the internet, leaving slow load times in the dust. Let’s make your website the Usain Bolt of the online world. ⚡️

Speed Tutorials & Reviews

If you’re hungry for some web wisdom (served with a side of friendly advice), swing by my blog. This is where I spill the beans on all things WordPress speed optimization. Think of it as your personal toolkit for making your site lightning fast. And if you’re wondering about the best and not-so-great WordPress themes, plugins, hosting options, and more, I’ve got the scoop.

Ready to Rev Up Your Website? Let’s Chat!

Enough about me – let’s focus on you. If you’re a business owner looking to gain an edge over your competitors with an optimised WordPress website, I’ve got you covered. Together, we’ll give your online presence a boost and make sure you are set for success.

If you need help, send me an email at

Or call me on 0431441715. I’m always happy to chat.

Talk soon,


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