JohnnyVPS Review [Fastest WordPress Hosting]

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If you want the highest performance possible for your WordPress website, especially if your site is huge or gets lots of traffic, then check out this JohnnyVPS review.
JohnnyVPS Review

Screenshot taken from JohnnyVPS.

My Verdict

If you want the absolute best performance for your WordPress website, especially if your site is huge or gets lots of traffic, this JohnnyVPS Review is a must read.

While high performance hosts are all obviously ‘high performance’, the best of the best do something different. Their server stacks, like with JohnnyVPS aka JVPS, are set up to be way more aggressive. They allow a lot more processing resources per user compared to other performance hosts. And obviously A LOT more than shared hosting providers.

From my experience, JVPS provides the best performance out of all managed WordPress hosts. Just read their comparison reports comparing their performance to all the other managed WordPress hosts including Cloudways, WP Engine, Flywheel and SiteGround.

Best suited for website owners with a big site(s) and lots of traffic. I highly recommend their Dedicated VPS Hosting plans. All of which come with personalised server support via Slack 🙂



What or Who is JohnnyVPS?

JohnnyVPS is a ’boutique webhost specialising in speed, reliability and security’. Founded by Johnny Nguyen, a Speed Expert and Performance Webhost. Also a really nice guy! I’ve never actually met him (I think he lives in LA), but I can tell just from messaging him that he is a heart-centered kinda guy.

Even though his team consists of ~7 experts, he still actively works ‘in the business’. I often chat with him via Slack on a client website that is on his Dedicated VPS Hosting. The site is huge with lots of traffic but still remains quick and stable!

Do you need lots of Support?

There is one main considerations you should make before hosting your website with JohnnyVPS.

Obviously you should choose JVPS if you want the fastest performance possible. But if you need lots of support, i.e. you aren’t tech savvy or don’t have someone managing/maintaining your site, then think twice.

On the other hand, if you only need support every now and then, JVPS provide a higher quality of support than most performance hosts. This is because their team is full of experts.

Speed Up Your WordPress Website - JVPS

Screenshot taken from JVPS.

Features & Benefits

JohnnyVPS provides all of the usual features that you’d expect from a good hosting provider. But their key differentiator is performance.

Free Migration

If your host doesn’t do at least 1 free migration, they aren’t worth your time. Standard stuff.

Free SSL Certificates

Another standard part of JVPS hosting.


Server level security is standard but they also provide built-in security for WordPress. Protecting your login page from hackers, XML-RPC spam and DDOS attacks.

Highest Performance

As mentioned at the start of this JVPS review, they configure their server stack to be a lot more aggressive than other performance hosts. This is what gives you the highest performance possible.

Speed Optimisation Service
THIS is a HUGE differentiator! They provide a free caching and speed optimisation service for 1 WordPress website. i.e. the website you get hosted with them.

Most people who move to JohnnyVPS are looking for the fastest wordpress hosting possible. On top of that, you get your site fine tuned for performance by speed experts. Usually by Johnny himself!

Full Control

JVPS is apache compatible so you have access to the .htaccess file to manage rewrites. Unlike other performance providers who don’t.
Your site will also use cPanel, which is familiar to most. It doesn’t look as nice as say the Kinsta dashboard for managing your site. But it does give you more control.
And they don’t prevent you from using certain plugins. You are free to do what you want.
This is the difference between most managed WordPress hosting providers and JVPS.
JohnnyVPS Pricing

JohnnyVPS Pricing.

Is It Worth It?

JohnnyVPS Pricing

I’ve use their Managed WordPress Hosting and also their Dedicated VPS Hosting. Both are great and certainly worth it for the performance.

JohnnyVPS Reviews

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JohnnyVPS Alternatives

The best alternatives to JohnnyVPS if you still want relatively high performance but need way more support are:

– WP Engine
– SiteGround
– Kinsta
– Flywheel
best WordPress hosting providers in Oz

Final Thoughts

If you need the fastest WordPress hosting possible but don’t need lots of support, JVPS is the right fit.

Hopefully my JohnnyVPS review has helped you make a decision 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.

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