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SEO Strategies for Small Businesses Owners who want more Traffic, more Leads, more Sales and more Freedom.

Attention: Business Owner,

Did you just Google something like SEO Geelong? Well, how would you like a system that generates more traffic, more interest in your services and more dream clients. All on autopilot. And without spending money on paid advertising. AND without working longer hours!

Trying to get found online is not easy. You’ve probably been creating content (e.g. blog articles, videos, freebies, etc) every week, sharing that content across all your social media platforms but getting almost ZERO traction. Am I right?

Well, I create and implement SEO Strategies so that your hard work actually pays off. So that every minute counts. I’ll even take all of those tasks off your hands. This way you can focus on more important things in your business and life.

Either way, you’ll finally be found online, generating traffic to your website and attracting your dream clients.

8 Step Geelong SEO Strategy

Get found online, generate more traffic, more leads and long lasting results.

STEP 1: Audit

First I analyse your website to see why it isn’t getting found online.

STEP 2: Keyword Research

Next I do in-depth keyword research to find short term and long term opportunities to rank for relevant keywords.

STEP 3: Competitor Analysis

By determining your competitors I can see what they are ranking for to either compete or go after less competitive keyword phrases.

STEP 4: Content Creation

I will need to re-write your text content to be more keyword driven. If your pages don’t talk about a topic that people are searching for, you’ll never get found online.

STEP 5: On-Page SEO

This is where I take your page content one step further by optimising each and every page for specific search terms.

STEP 6: Off-Page SEO aka Link Building

Here I use white hat link building tactics like email outreach to find people who want to link to your content.

STEP 7: 12 Month Content Strategy

To continually improve your search visibility and drive more traffic, you need to create content every week. I will put together a content strategy that maps out the next 12 months.

STEP 8: Monthly Reporting

I will track your search engine rankings and report on progress each month.

“Web Creation Studios has been a gem of a discovery. As a business owner that depends on online marketing and websites for lead generation and course enrolments, I’ve been blown away by their expertise, professional service and that they go the extra mile. I can highly recommend them.”

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DIY SEO Resources

Why Max Jacobs?

Hi! I’m Max and I’ve been where you are. After all, I wasn’t born an SEO Specialist. At one point I was doing everything the so called ‘gurus’ were telling me. But I still wasn’t getting found online.

Every successful business runs into this problem near the start. But now I’m on the first page for everything related to web design, development and SEO in Geelong (+ a many other topics – just check out my blog).

As you know, starting a business is relatively easy. Running a business is a lot harder. And I’m sure growing a business feels like an impossible task right now considering all the ‘business hats’ you’re currently wearing.

I’ll be there for you every step of the way. I’ll help you set up a system that attracts your dream clients each and every month. A Done For You system that generates leads while you sleep.

Your website will become your most valuable business asset.


SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website so that Google thinks it is the most relevant piece of content for the topic you are Googling.

Getting to that #1 rank on Google can be easy or difficult, happen quickly or over many months. It’s all about what you want to get ranked for. Getting you ranked at #1 for your business name is relatively easy. But ranking for a competitive phrase like ‘Geelong Web Design‘ is more difficult.

I will consult you on the best strategy following my in-depth keyword research for your particular industry. Keep in mind that the more competitive a keyword or keyword phrase, the more difficult it is to organically rank for.